Today, the center of the computing universe is the smartphone. This reality is changing everything. And it's more than just believing the promise of mobility. And it even goes beyond unlocking the cloud to reveal new participation-age outcomes. It's about both working together – mobile and cloud, because it must be both. That's where we come in. We're passionate about connecting devices and analytic add-ins through the Internet that are controlled by mobile apps in beautiful and meaningful ways. That's what consumers want. And that's what we do.

People Power brings to every opportunity a legacy of mobile software success. The stuff we've invented is resident in more than 300 million mobile devices worldwide. An unflinching commitment to building meaningful experiences is the basis of what attracts users to our award-winning app, Presence. People wish to use their smartphones to monitor the security of their homes while away, and to check-in on their pets, their children and their elders. They want to manage their home energy consumption to control their energy costs, too. Meet Presence.

People Power is an award-winning global company with a legacy of having led many of the world's most compelling mobile and cloud technology solutions. We are masters at breaking down the barriers of ordinary practices by building extraordinary implementations that actually cooperate with each other. Whether you're an energy provider, an OEM, a service provider or a mobile user, we're here to help drive solutions that allow you to meet your unique goals. Let us show you how People Power is helping mobilize the Internet of Everything. Contact us today.

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