Monster Central

Monster is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components for home and a world leader in power conditioning and surge protection products.

As Monster's strategic software partner, People Power created an award winning mobile application that can monitor and control Monster Central PowerControl devices from anywhere in the world. This is amazing and ultimately a powerful shift in lifestyle. Monster Central is a system of very simple-to-use components that lets you control your energy use from a smartphone or a tablet. Save energy, save money with Monster Central.

Swisscom Quing

Quing is a Home Automation System from Swisscom. You can control your home anytime and anywhere. Via App or online portal provide yourself additional comfort, security and efficiency. With a tap you can change the temperature, control electrical appliances and control sensors and cameras.

People Power built two mobile applications for Swisscom. One to educate potential buyers about Swisscom Quing home automation and security, and the other helps Quing owners install and configure their system.

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SimpliciKey KeyCloud

SimpliciKey has teamed with People Power to mobile- and web-enable their retail connected door locks. You can now manage your locks and get notified of who's there, from anywhere in the world.

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People Power is proud to be working with these leading companies in their respective industries to bring the best energy management solution available to the market. Together with our partners, we deliver technology that enables residential and commercial end-users to see, understand, and control their energy use. Come join the team, and help People save Power.

Arrayent, Inc.

Arrayent's cloud-based service delivery platform enables market leading companies to connect their products to smartphone and web applications with unprecedented low cost and a "just works" DIY installation process.

"Arrayent, Monster Cable and People Power have come together to deliver an energy conservation product that lets consumers save money in an engaging way. People Power's application expertise combined with Arrayent's service delivery platform will enable our mutual customers to innovate and stay in the lead."
- Bob Dahlberg, VP Business Development, Arrayent, Inc.

Blue Line Innovations

An award-winning manufacturer of real-time energy monitoring products that help consumers save money while conserving energy.

"We are really pleased to partner with People Power and to offer People Power 1.0, a free energy monitoring and control app. This is exactly what our Blue Line customers and the market in general have been asking for - an informative, engaging, portable, and interactive way to make a real difference in energy usage. This is a solution today to generate savings today."
-Peter Porteous, CEO, Blue Line Innovations Inc.


GainSpan is changing the Wi-Fi world with technology that lets customers add Wi-Fi connectivity to nearly any product.

"People Power has a comprehensive energy management solution that is great for developers. Its carrier grade scalable platform, appealing dashboards, device controls, behavioral analytics and social media integration, will allow developers to quickly introduce compelling products to the market."
-Bernard Aboussouan, Vice President of Marketing, GainSpan

H&D Wireless

H&D Wireless is world class Wi-Fi solution company that provides easy wireless data access of devices to Internet and Smartphones. The solution is deemed best in class and market leader in terms of solution size, power consumption in all modes, transmit/receive range, data transfer speed and cost.


Motrr is a Silicon Valley-based start-up company founded by a talented group of product designers who developed the revolutionary robotic stand, Galileo. Together with People Power’s Presence software, Galileo turns an iPhone camera into a remote viewing platform and surveillance system -- in full 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation -- operated from another iOS device anywhere in the world through WiFi or cellular connections.


A recognized leader of cost-effective hardware solutions for gathering energy information.

"Our customers demand cost effective, plug-and-play energy information solutions that simplify installation. People Power's intuitive Energy Services Platform, in combination with the Obvius AcquiSuite, empowers users to manage their building's energy and make smart decisions that positively impact energy costs."
-Nate Nilles, President, Obvius

Revolve Robotics

Revolve Robotics is a San Francisco based start-up company that was founded in 2012 and launched KUBI, a web controlled robotic desktop stand that allows you to look around remote environments during video calls; an affordable and practical telepresence solution.

TED - The Energy Detective

The leader in home electricity management systems.

"People Power's Energy Services Platform is an exciting solution that works seamlessly with TED, to offer users a simple and easy way to see their energy use in real time anywhere, anytime, over the web via an iPhone. In addition, the People Power solution enables customers to set budgets, get alerts, see their energy use in dollars and cents, and enable even more granularity of energy use. We are looking forward to working with People Power as this market grows."
-Dolph Rodenberg, CEO, Energy Inc.


Volansys is an innovative product design and engineering services company. They provide high quality solutions and services from initial concept stage to prototyping through final production. With a unique expertise in embedded systems, mobility and cloud, Volansys aspires to be a niche service provider to IoT companies. They offer professional design and validation services including software development, customizable product design, IPs in domains like connectivity (802.11 a/b/g/n, BT 4.0 LE & ZigBee), communication, digital entertainment, smart energy, IoT, mobility and cloud computing. Their services include embedded systems development (board design and software), system integration, mobile and cloud applications, PaaS and SaaS solutions and sustenance services.

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