Presence - for iOS

USA Today knows the FIRST thing you should do with an old smartphone. "Just download the free Presence app on your old iOS device, pair it with your new fancy iPhone, and voila! You now have a top-notch security camera and motion detector thanks to the fantastic video capabilities of your old gadget. You can use it to keep an eye on your home base in real time, and have it send you alerts when there's something fishy going on." -USA Today, Sept. 2014

Users around the world are thrilled to put their spare smartphones and tablets back to work. The award-winning app Presence delivers FREE smart home automation with enhanced video security and home energy control. Download Presence and get 50MB of free encrypted cloud video storage for motion detection recordings. Upgrade to Presence Pro Video for advanced motion detection features and 5GB of storage. Presence is fully iOS 8 compatible.

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Available on the App Store.

Presence Pro Energy - for Android

Presence Pro Energy for Android delivers real-time, whole-home energy monitoring and smart plug control giving residential and small business users the ability to manage electric use from a smartphone or tablet. With support for Blue Line Innovations and TED energy sensing devices within the app, consumers have insights on how to save money and project their utility bills more accurately. Presence Pro Energy for Android supports Monster brand smart plugs that enable automated and remote control of in-home electrical devices from within the app. Schedule or manually turn on and off your home lighting or entertainment center remotely from your Android device. Please note: Video monitoring capabilities of Presence are currently supported only in the iOS version.

Available on Google Play.

Presence - for the web

All the features of Presence Pro Energy from the convenience of any modern web browser. Watch the videos recorded by your Presence cameras or check in on your energy monitoring devices. You view your Blue Line or TED and you can even control your Monster smart plugs from a web browser just like you do from your smart phone. Check it out today.

Available from your computer.

Command Center - for the web

No Internet of Things architecture would be complete without a way to manage the user base. That's why People Power's FabrUX provides the Command Center, a web-enabled user management system with plug-in modules to customize its functionality. The Command Center supports the Tier-1 Technical Support Module to find and fix problems, the Device Management Module to manage accounts like a property manager, the Engagement Module to engage communities and influence large-scale behavior change, and the Enterprise Module to manage hundreds of devices simultaneously across a building or campus. It's amazing. Contact us today for a demonstration of this, and everything related to People Power's FabrUX software architecture.

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